Fraganzza Aroma

Green Bamboo

Romantic Floral Note

“Green Bamboo” embodies the essence of tranquility and the vibrant pulse of nature. It unfolds with the sweetness and natural fragrance of broken bamboo shoots, capturing the essence of new beginnings and the resilience of nature. This essence intertwines the breath of scenery and the scent of fields, blending into a harmonious symphony that represents the fresh shoot’s journey. It’s an olfactory experience that transports you to a serene landscape, where the freshness of bamboo mingles with the earthiness of the soil and the open skies. This essence is a tribute to the beauty of the natural world, inviting you to carry the freshness and purity of green bamboo with you, creating a bridge between the serenity of nature and the rhythm of daily life.

Top Notes

  • Lemon
  • Apple
  • Oxygen

Mid Notes

  • Jasmine
  • White Rose
  • Violet

Base Notes

  • Cedar



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