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Deep Ocean Breeze

Escape to the vast depths of the world’s oceans with this captivating fragrance that invigorates and rejuvenates the senses. The refreshing scent of lemon and bergamot intertwines with delicate notes of jasmine, creating a fragrant symphony that revitalizes and leaves a feeling of freshness and energy in its wake. Feel as if you are immersing yourself in the ocean, allowing yourself to be carried by the waves and the secrets that lie in its depths. As the journey continues, amber and musk add a subtle yet comforting warmth to the fragrance. These notes evoke the mysterious and magnetic essence of the ocean, capturing its vastness and hypnotic charm.

Top Notes

  • Lemon
  • Bergamot

Mid Notes

  • Ocean
  • Jasmine

Base Notes

  • Amber
  • Musk



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