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Sanders Midnight

Midnight Elegance

Sanders Midnight is a familiar yet refined fragrance with a profile that exudes great presence and imparts a subtly attractive sense of sophistication. It infuses any environment with a warm and welcoming aroma that adapts incredibly versatilely. Whether in a living room, a restaurant, or a dimly lit bar, it feels at home anywhere and resists being easily categorized as a daytime or nighttime fragrance. The presence of sandalwood adds a warm, intense, and comforting balsamic allure to Sanders Midnight. This note, known for its distinctive warmth, blends with the fragrance’s unique profile, creating an exquisite and elegant experience that is deeply satisfying. Perfume yourself with Sanders Midnight and embrace its elegance, enhancing your day-to-day with the luxury that this fragrance provides.

Top Notes

  • Sandalwood

Mid Notes

  • Papryus

Base Notes

  • Musk



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